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Why Start a Podcast?

Good employees are hard to find and increasingly difficult to keep — it can feel impossible to attract new ones AND stay connected with your existing team.

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C.W. Matthews President Dan Garcia outside smiling at camera

Dan Garcia


C.W. Matthews

“As a company of 1,550+ employees who build roads across the state of Georgia, we rely heavily on effective communication between the field and office. This past year, Alex Horton convinced us that an internal company podcast might be just the thing that could not only improve communication, but also boost retention

Alex eased us into the process, giving step-by-step assistance as we prepared to launch the “Getting Georgia Home Podcast.” He answered every question we had and traveled to Georgia to ensure our first episode went smoothly. We are proud to say we have now recorded over 20 episodes and it’s all thanks to Alex and his continued support!”


Podcast Startup

A custom strategy and production process designed for you to most effectively reach the folks who need to hear what you have to say. If you’re in the “I think a podcast would be effective, but don’t know where to start” phase, this is for you.

Starting at $3,500

Podcast Post-Production

Hand over the reigns to your podcast process so you can focus on what you do best: leading the folks who are building our world. Just record your episodes and send the necessary files, and my team will handle the rest. 

Starting at $2000/month

On-site Podcast Production

Have podcast gear but don’t have the people to operate it? Maybe you want to avoid buying equipment altogether. Alex will bring a production studio to your preferred location and run a full production day to capture a month (or more) of effective high-quality content.

Starting at $2500/day
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Join the ranks of construction podcasters


Yes! Video is a powerful element of podcast distribution as it increases engagement and connection when your audience sees your face. Webcam or pro video equipment, we can process whatever fits your budget and setup to help support your communication goals.

Many factors can affect the timeline, but the Podcast Kickoff, Pre-Production Strategy, First Recording Session, and Post-Production of the first episode can be executed in less than 30 days, depending on format and the logistics of collaboration and production.

It depends on your team’s time, capabilities, and vision for the podcast. Some clients prefer to purchase podcast gear and ask to be trained/coached to effectively use their equipment. However, other clients choose to record less often in batches, recording multiple episodes at a time, so it often makes sense for me to travel to the client’s office with my scalable podcast kit and guide the team through the production process.

BuildWitt CEO Aaron Witt wearing a hard hat

Aaron Witt



“Alex is a podcasting and audio wizard… When it came time to elevate the Dirt Talk podcast, Alex was the no-brainer choice. Over the following two years, Alex toiled behind the scenes and as a co-host to grow the show into one of the biggest podcasts in the industry.

Not only is he skilled, but he’s incredibly thoughtful and caring. He pours himself into his work and those he’s around, leading to nonstop impact.”

Here's the Process

  1. Schedule kickoff meeting AND first production day (30 days later)
  2. We’ll dial in how you can best tell the story you want to tell
  3. Publish first episode
  4. Consistently reach your audience
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