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Tell your story

so people give a sh!t

Consistently Connected

Our process starts with building intentional relationships in the blue-collar world.

Industry Expertise

We've built our team of experts who specifically understand how to craft compelling stories in the world of the trades.

No Fancy Scripts

At the end of the day, it's your story. Our job is to help you tell it well.

Look. We Get it.

Your Crews + Customers Don’t Understand What Makes You Different.

If your customers or team members don't know the story of your business, they'll make up their own story — and get it wrong.

Why invest in video as a blue-collar business?

Invite Your Team

Into the Story

Employees want to feel valued and want to understand how their role directly impacts the success of the business.

Authentically Connect

with Customers

Customers buy from people — especially people they feel like they know.

Inspire Your

Future Workforce

Folks are looking to join a team just like yours, but first, they need to envision what it would look like to join your organization.

Our Process

Tell us about your team

Your people are what make your company special, so we want to hear about the culture, company growth challenges, and what excites you for the future.

Video plan that works

A beautiful video, by itself, doesn’t actually do anything, so we’ll build a video content strategy that directly addresses the pain points and challenges within and outside of your business.

On-site video production

We’ll come guide you and other key personnel through a few days of video production. We structure everything as a conversation, never a performance… because you don’t need to become a “content creator” to tell the story of what is true.

Get the story out there

We’ll work with your team to implement the most impactful and frictionless ways to distribute the content in a way that will excite and engage your team, your customers, and your future workforce.

Where We’re Coming From

At Alex Horton Creative, we know how important it is for blue-collar business leaders to genuinely connect with their 3 most vital audiences: crews, customers, and the workforce of the future.

That’s why we’ve pulled together an incredible team of creatives and strategists with significant experience making content specifically for folks in the trades.

We don’t just make videos — we develop content strategies specifically designed to:

  • engage and educate your crews
  • attract people and businesses that align with your values
  • inspire and recruit the next generation of blue-collar workers.

With such a deep respect for those folks, it’s not hard to be fired up to use our skills to serve them.

Let's Build Something Together.

How Do You Want to Reach the People that Matter?

Yeah. What They Said.
Blakeley ClarkChief Marketing Agency Partner | Strack Inc.

From day 1, Alex fit seamlessly in with our team...from strategy to execution. The experience and expertise he brings to the table is worth every penny... From honing in on the "why" behind the podcast all the way to sending us a shopping list with links to purchase the equipment we needed and setting it all up for us, he took all of the guesswork out for us.

Aaron WittCEO, BuildWitt

When it came time to elevate the Dirt Talk podcast, Alex was the no-brainer choice. Over the following two years, Alex toiled behind the scenes and as a co-host to grow the show into one of the biggest podcasts in the industry. Not only is he skilled, but he's incredibly thoughtful and caring. He pours himself into his work and those he's around, leading to nonstop impact.

Dan GarciaPresident, C.W. Matthews Contracting Co.

As a company of 1,550+ employees who build roads across the state of Georgia, we realized we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to build a better connection with our employees... We are proud to say we have now recorded over 20 episodes and it’s all thanks to Alex and his continued support!

Kimberly LushDirector of Cultural Relations, RAWSO Constructors

We had the pleasure of working with Alex on a few projects, including an internal onboarding podcast. Alex's knowledge and experience shine through in every interaction. He is extremely thoughtful and intentional with his advice, leading to an all-around wonderful experience.

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